Asbestos Removal Equipment

Asbestos Removal Equipment Hire and Decontamination Units

Asbestos Decontamination Units

The safety of our staff and our customers is of the utmost importance: it is therefore imperative that we make ensure the total decontamination of all personnel and equipment.

We make use of asbestos decontamination units, allowing for passage to and from the work area during the removal of toxic substances. We ensure that the unit is constructed and fully operational prior to the preparation of the work area, to make sure that contaminated clothing and equipment does not pass through to an area that is clear and free from contamination.

Asbestos decontamination units are fitted with a clean room, a shower and an equipment room, each separated by curtain doorways and airlocks on each side. The health and safety of our workforce is paramount, and we are committed to practicing a full sanitisation process throughout.

Asbestos Removal Equipment Hire

Committed to the safe removal of toxic material, we supply asbestos removal equipment for hire to licensed users across Melbourne and Victoria.

We service large and small corporations across the city, stocking all areas of the asbestos removal industry: qualified individuals are able to hire our produce at a single day rate (a reduced rate thereafter). All of our equipment is fully tested and serviced, to ensure total decontamination and suitability for hire and reuse. We are committed to providing total filtration efficiency and maintain the safety of our client base as paramount to our ethos.

Qualified asbestos removalists can rely on our product range for any and all disposal jobs. We supply produce to all areas of the industry, offering a range of instruments available for hire:

  • Removal Kits
  • Vacuums and Accessories
  • Personal Protective Products
  • Waste Containment
  • Negative Pressures/Air Unit Kit
  • Encapsulation Material
  • Decontamination Units


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