Asbestos Recycling

Asbestos Recycling in Melbourne

Our team of highly-qualified and experienced waste removers make it their priority to take into consideration the health concerns related to the removal of asbestos. When this set of toxic minerals is disturbed, carcinogenic fibre particles have the potential to dislodge and become airborne. Professional removal is therefore imperative as different kinds of asbestos require different disposal techniques. Our Melbourne based company understands the risks involved in this process and are therefore committed to implementing efficient removal and disposal, aiming to recycle waste in every possible circumstance.

Recycling and disposal

Asbestos is generally discarded as hazardous waste, ending up at disposal landfill sites for waste treatment. This can be costly and harmful to the environment. However, the recent advent of recycling companies in Melbourne has revolutionised the way we get rid of asbestos waste, resulting in advanced technology that works to dispose and recycle this harmful material in a safe, healthy and economical way.

Recycling carries many more benefits than disposal: the intricate processes involved in repurposing the dangerous minerals means the final waste product is totally toxic-free and safe to reuse. But how exactly can you convert a material such as asbestos into a harmless brand new product?

The recycling process: how it works

Asbestos is reprocessed into three different kinds of everyday minerals: silicate glass, ceramic bricks and porcelain tiles. Its uses are evidently widely extensive, meaning that the asbestos lingering in your gutters, roofs, walls, ceilings or floors can be remanufactured into popular products, such as window panes or bathroom tiles.

To recycle asbestos, the waste material is heated to incredibly high temperatures through different processes known as thermal decomposition and microwave thermal treatment. While recycling is a relatively new method for disposing of asbestos, it is an undeniably innovative solution for getting rid of this harmful waste. More and more companies are starting to pop up through Melbourne’s city and suburbs, enabling us to remove your toxic waste and turn it into safe-to-use products.

Our promise to you

Our company works hard to ensure waste is properly removed and transported to relevant asbestos recycling companies in Melbourne where possible.
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