Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos Inspection Melbourne

The most reliable service for asbestos inspection in Melbourne, we know that the wellbeing of your family, friends and workforce is paramount.

We have been working closely with the dangerous substance for many years, offering a service that not only locates traces of it within a building, but ensures its complete removal in line with the legal requirements. Our professional services are trusted across Melbourne and Victoria – just ask our customers!

Asbestos was used in building works for many years, but recent studies have shown a clear correlation between human exposure to the material and lung and respiratory diseases. The Australian government has since outlawed the use of the dangerous substance, and if you are to ensure the health and wellbeing of your family, friends and workforce, it is imperative that you remove all traces from buildings under your liability.

We boast years of experience, and continue to carry out asbestos inspection in Melbourne and wider Victoria. Our highly qualified and experienced team will deliver a thorough and comprehensive asbestos inspection, assessing walls, floors and ceilings with scope cameras and thermal imaging techniques and sending samples off for further study.

It is important that your building complies with the legal requirements as set forth by the state, so our expert team will offer professional advice on appropriate action, once the inspection report has been returned to you. We encourage the immediate removal of any traces of asbestos detected in your home or workplace.

Don’t delay – call on our expert professional services for asbestos inspection in Melbourne and ensure the health and wellbeing of your family, friends, loved ones and workforce. There aren’t any second chances when it comes to toxic substances, so call on our professional expertise today.


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